The Human Heart Project - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to get access ... ?

You can register at The Human Heart Project DB; however you must contact the Principal Investigator (PI) of the project of interest in order to get access to private databases.

Remember that research projects include data policies of the research and governmental agencies and private sponsors (companies), among others. Consequently, it is necessary to abide by terms and conditions pertaining to the access and use of data.

Log-in ?

Access to private databases is done by authentication. You must type your login and password when prompted for.

Login window.

How to download ... ?

You can download the entire collection of images or specific images.

Download Collection (Option 1)

Click on the icon menu Collection actions in the upper-right of the collection's header and select Download collection.

Download Collection (Option 1)
Collection actions menu.

Download Collection (Option 2)

Click on the icon Collection actions in the upper-right corner of the table's header and Download collection.

Download Collection (Option 2)
Collection actions icon.

Download Selected Folders

Select the folders of interest and click on the icon Checked actions and Download checked resources.

Download Resources
Checked actions icon.